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Open Studio


 Thimble Bee's is your sewing studio away from home; your work space without distraction, clutter, or the usual interruptions of daily life. We have created a spacious and well-lit classroom furnished with digital Brother sewing machines, extra large cutting tables and pressing equipment. Open Sewing is for adults aged 18 and older. While we have them and love them, we appreciate if you leave your small children at home, as the studio is full of hot and sharp objects and other sewists hard at work.

Each customer checks out a Thimble Bee's toolkit which includes cutting, marking and measuring tools. Installing an invisible zipper or piping? Want to make a perfect one-step buttonhole? We have every imaginable presser foot for you to check out and use. Our knowledgable instructor/s can offer you support and guidance on a project as well as assist you in threading and general use of the machines.

Open sewists should possess the understanding of basic sewing skills and machine functions. If you need help getting to this point, start with the "Learn Your Machine" to be ready for independent studio time.

You are welcome to drop in during "Open Studio" but registration is preferred (please call or check online schedule). Sewing is $8/hour with a one hour minimum. Time after that is calculated in 15min increments.

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