Thimble Bee's Sewing School

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Registration Deposit

A $115 non-refundable registration deposit is required to reserve a seat in one of our weekly classes.  This amount covers your first month's tuition ($65) and a student workbook and pattern packet ($50).  A seat will not be reserved for any student until we have received this non-refundable registration deposit.


 Tuition can be paid by the semester or by the month, but please understand that when signing up for a class, you are committing to pay for the entire semester's tuition.  In the event of an early withdrawal, student's will be required to pay the remaining balance of semester tuition.  Exceptions will be made if we are able to back-fill your child's seat from our waiting list. 

 The monthly payment of $65 is due on the 1st of each month (September-May.)  This does not include workbook, supply, or event fees.  

Tuition amounts are based on the number of classes in the school year not the number of classes in a month.  Tuition has already been prorated to include holidays so your tuition is the same regardless of the number of classes in any given month.  Tuition is based upon fourty weeks of instruction.

Classes can be paid by the semester or by the month, but it is understood that classes are for the entire school year.  Tuition is not prorated for classes missed. Please see our policy below regarding missed classes.

Your first billing cycle will be due on September 1st, 2015.  

Customers will receive a 5% monthly discount when arranging for tuition to be paid through auto-draft. 

A $5 late fee will be accessed for an payments not received before the 5th of each month.

A $35 NSF fee will be assessed for returned checks.

Tuition, registration fees, supply fees, Fashion Show fee, camp or workshops payments are non-refundable.  

Attendance + Make Up Classes

Attendance is very important to the success of each student.  

Please commit to being prompt each week upon arrival and dismissal of class.  

Students should do their best to attend class each week.

Make-up classes will be coordinated between teacher and parents.

Students are allowed two make up classes per semester.  Make-up classes will be coordinated between teacher and parents.

Student Drop Off + Pick-Up

Drop off time for a class should not be any earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled class begins.  Out of respect for our instructors and students we ask that you adhere closely to this policy as early dropoffs/pickups disrupt the flow of the class.     

For the safety of all students, parents are required to accompany their child to and from the classroom.  

Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom unattended.


You can view our online calendar for class schedules.  

Inclement Weather Conditions

We follow the UCPS decision on inclement weather conditions.  If school is canceled due to bad weather, we will also be closed.  Announcements of cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page.  We will make every attempt to contact our students via phone or email, however, it is ultimately your responsibility to check our Facebook page for cancellations. 


When class sessions are back to back, instructors are usually unable to step away.  Please feel free to contact us at 704-443-1597 or by email if you have any questions or concerns. 


Our weekly classes run in semester blocks.  We ask that children not withdrawal mid-semester, as that effects the flow of the entire class.  We have reserved a seat for your child for the entire semester, and it is impossible to fill your child's seat mid-semester. Out of respect for our instructors and fellow classmates, please encourage your child to follow through on their commitment and complete the entirety of the course.  
If there is a legitimate reason for withdrawal (sickness, an unexpected move, or a cause beyond your control), we require a 30 day written notice.  However, tuition will not be refunded for any unused class sessions.   

Fashion Show Fee

 There is a $50 show fee for any students interested in participating in the yearly Fashion Show (recital).  This fee covers the cost incurred to put on our Fashion Show, rentals, awards, trophies, etc.  Students are encouraged but not required to participate.